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Prevalence of Traffic Noise in Jalandhar City

Singh LP*

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Traffic noise becoming a significant environmental quality problem in economically developing countries and a cause of society’s increasing annoyance. The present study is focused upon measuring the traffic noise pollution in Jalandhar City. The study included four sites of city. A weighted (Leq) ambient noise was assessed by using a quest sound level meter “model SOUNDPRO SP-DL-1-1/3”. OSHA norms for hearing conservation were incorporated including an exchange rate of 5 dB (A)*, criterion level at 90* dB (A), criterion time of eight hours*, threshold level equal to 80 dB (A), upper limit equal to 140 dB (A) and with F/S response rate. The results of the study revealed that interstate bus terminal Jalandhar and Jyoti chowk were found at the highest level of noise pollution due to traffic. However Rama mandi and Maqsudan chowk were found moderately polluted area. The study recommended that there is a need of implementing the noise pollution criteria in the city. The appropriate noise control measures should be implemented.