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Acculturation in Human Culture Interaction - A Case Study of Culture Meaning in Cultural Product Design

Ya-Juan Gao, Weichen Chang, Wen-Ting Fang and Rungtai Lin*

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Acculturation plays an important role in cultural product design with embedded information technologies. Therefore designing culture into products will become a design approach in interaction design. Interaction design has switched focus from usability and cognitive ergonomics to the affective aspects of user interactive experience. For cultural product design, we need a better understanding of acculturation in human-culture interaction not just for taking part in the cultural context, but also for developing the interactive experience of users. The framework for human-culture interaction in design process proposed and discussed in this paper is of value for acculturation in cultural product design. The framework also can help designers to consider how to design “culture features” into cultural products as well as provide users with a valuable reference for understanding interactive experience in products. While cultural features become an important issue in the interactive user experience, we need a better understanding of the acculturation process not only for the designer’s model, but also for that of the user. For future studies, the acculturation process between human and culture in the cultural product design is worthy of further in-depth study.