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Concept of Dirty Dozen: The Silent Killers of Human Factor Errors and Mistakes

Ahasan R*, Shahren AZA, Haque W and Islam E

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Human Factors (HFs) interactions are important that surely impact the employee behavior at work. HFs interactions that interact with individual worker behavior can complement unintentional consequences at work. Currently, these consequences at work are being seen as the notorious culprits of HFs. Safety policy and systematic procedures of industries and companies seems to be strongly okay, however, dirty dozen concepts are not emphasized in workplace health and safety program. Dirty dozen is the twelve HFs problems that cause human errors or operator mistakes. In many project team applications, these are potential human causal factors that degrade worker skills and abilities. Dirty dozen are the real killers in every workplace environment which are also hidden behind the work process. Hence, this paper explores the basic concepts behind the dirty dozen, the silent killers of HFs errors, which are blamed for degrading worker abilities to perform job-tasks effectively and safely.