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Evaluation of Influencing Factors on Reliability of Industrial Operators’ Safe Performance Based on Multi Variant Analyses

Mououdi MA, Azizi Amiri J* and Akbari J

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Human reliability refers to individual ability in properly doing certain job affairs taken over in a given period. One of means that make management capable of improving individual performance is human reliability analyses (HRA). This investigation is of an applicable fundamental type. Target society includes 30individuals belong to olefin plant of Imam Khomeini port petro chemical complex. In this investigation SPAR-H method is used. Some questionnaires (NASA-TLX, MEQ, ANQ, web based software (Fitts’ Law) and working procedure sheets (SPAR-H)) are used to collect data. SPSS software is used to collect data and also descriptive statistics method is used to analyzed at a statistically. Results show that operator’ reliabilities levels are more in doing operational duties than diagnostic ones.