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Ergonomic Design of Table and Chair based on QFD and Anthropometric Measurement and improved Facility Layout

Taposh Kumar K*, Mustafizur R, Muhammad AdibUz Z and Moin Uddin G

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

This study analyzed the probable mismatch between university table and chair dimensions and anthropometric characteristics of 200 Bangladeshi (Jessore University of science & technology) students and emphasize on student needs. Comfortable learning in a classroom depends on a number of concealed factors and appropriate university furniture like tables and chairs. Ergonomically fit tables and chairs ensure the comfortable learning facilitation. However, an anthropometric survey showed that most of these tables and chairs were not made according to ergonomic considerations. Fifteen anthropometric measurements are considered and nine dimensions from the existing classroom tables and chairs were measured and compared to identify the probable mismatch between them. Here, QFD tool is used. For obtaining the important ratings of the student’s demands for QFD, a survey was held. By using QFD tool, final design requirements are prioritized. The paper recommends the dimensions for ergonomically fit tables and chairs and also represents the facility layout of one of the specific university classrooms of the Bangladesh to allocate the available tables and chairs. Finally, new ergonomically fit new designs are proposed. As students spend most of their time in the classroom, it is very essential to supply appropriate tables and chairs for them. Long time sitting on those inappropriate tables and chairs can cause musculoskeletal disorders.