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Is Medial Arch Support Effective in Reducing Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Low Back Pain and Pressure Symptom in Knee Joint?

Shete K*, Karsh S and Pandve HT

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Introduction: Many individuals experience pain in foot, heel, low back as well as pressure symptoms in knee joint due to fallen arch. Objective: To determine effectiveness of medial arch support on footwear to reduce pain in foot & heel and pressure in knee joint. Material & Methods: The randomly selected patients who were reported either with foot pain, heel pain, and low back pain or with pressure symptoms along with fallen arch, which was based on the foot evaluation irrespective of gender, were included in the study. Medial arch support on footwear was provided and follow up was taken after one month and then after six months by using Foot and Ankle Ability Measure of Activities of Daily Living Sub-scale. Statistical analysis: Mean, standard deviation was used for descriptive data. Repeated measure ANOVA was used as test of significance. Results: Total 30 patients were included in the study out of which 16 (53.33%) were males and 14 were females (46.67%). There was statistically significant improvement in the reduction of foot pain, heel pain, low back pain and pressure symptoms in knee joint on follow up measurements taken on repeated occasions that before intervention, one months after the intervention and six months after the intervention (F=60.862; p= 0.0001). Conclusion: This study concluded that use of medial arch support is effective in reducing foot pain, heel pain, low back pain and pressure symptoms knee joint.