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Namghar: Aesthetics and Identity of Social Cultural Institutional Architecture in Assam, India

Charu Monga* and Amarendra Kumar Das

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

This paper concerns the application of visual ethnographic research to preserve the cultural identity of structures like Namghar located at the banks of Brahmaputra in Assam. Namghar are an important socio-cultural institution, whose design elements are essential and symbolic for binding the entire community especially belonging to various areas of Assam. However, rapid urbanization and changing lifestyle has led to variations in design elements of Namghar. This study on these variations in design elements will be essential in preserving the essence, harmony among diverse communities as well as heritage of Assam. The objectives of this study are to compare variations in design elements especially colour variations of Namghar located at different locations within Assam. Field observations of outer overall structure, elements as well as interior structure were made. Colour palate was identified and the visuals were analyzed. Similarities and differences among key architectural elements will be compared and discussed. Cultural aesthetics elements were explored with visual ethnography on architectural elements among Namghars in various locations. It is identified, discussed with reference to semiotics and semantics of cultural construction. This paper seeks to arouse the issues of cultural loss of Namghar and possibility of colour as a binding design element among the architecture of Namghar.