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A Survey on Level of Client Satisfaction Among Clients Visiting out Patient Department at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, Amhara Reginal State, North West Ethiopia, 2015

Ayele Smachew Kasa*

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Introduction: Service delivery refers to the systematic arrangement of activities in service giving in stitutions with the aim of fulfilling the needs and expectations of service users and other stake holders with optimum use of resources. Given the noticeable paucity of studies addressing out patient satisfaction among client in public Hospital setting, including Felege Hiwote Referal Hospital, the information obtained from this study will hopefully assist in determining the level of satisfaction among outpatient clients in Felege Hiwot referral hospital. Method: A cross sectional study conducted from November 22 to December 26, 2015. All departments included in the study using systematic random sampling techniques. A total of 271 respondents were recruited. Structured questionnaire was used to collect the data. The report depicted descriptively using measures of central tendency, dispersion and using tables and graphs. Result: Out of the total 271 respondents; 150(55.35%) were females; Most of the Clients (32.47%) were between15– 24yearsold. Sixty three (23.24%) were illiterates. Most of the clients, 60(22.14%) were farmers while thirty (11.07%) governmental employees, 30 (11.07%).One hundred seventy seven (65.31%) of clients comes from the rural areas of the region. Out of the total respondents, 60.88%werenew visitors. Nearly one third of the client’s 94(34.68%) were on paying and received the services for free. This study has revealed that the satisfaction level with the outpatient services in the Felegehiwot refer ral hospital was 62.01%. Conclusion: Many clients are found to be dissatisfied with service provision of the outpatient department soft he hospitals. These include in adequate information provision about the hospital services and the ir health problems, long waiting time to get the hospital services. So the concerned body (Amhara Regional Health Bureau) need sound rested the extent of the problem and plan to look Fr different mechanisms to enable detailed satisfaction survey.