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Worker Reactions to Electrochromic and Low e Glass Office Windows

Hedge A* and Nou D

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Occupant surveys about the daylight and the visual environment effects of work, satisfaction, health and well-being, were conducted in 5 office buildings with electrochromic glass (n=268) and 2 office buildings with low-e glass (n=-44). Online surveys were administered to volunteer participants. Results showed that subjective reports of eyestrain, headaches, lighting quality satisfaction, window glass lighting quality, and alertness were significantly better for the electrochromic glass buildings. No significant differences between building types were found for daylight glare, daylight quality, mood, energy levels, health and well-being, self-rated productivity, and work quality. Findings show that electrochromic glass can improve indoor light quality that benefits occupant comfort and wellness.