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Development of the Ergonomic Activity Sampling (EAS) Method to Analyse Video-Documented Work Processes with Activity Sampling

Landau Kurt L*, Nadeau Sylvie and LeFloch Tiphaine

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Ergonomics analyses examine design parameters of work processes, e.g. postures and movements or action forces, with the aim of assessing work systems or work processes with regard to feasibility and long-term tolerability. Numerous applications of ergonomics analysis at "normal" industrial and service workplaces can be found in the relevant literature as well as in practical field studies. In contrast, there are only a few methodical presentations of ergonomics analysis under critical working and environmental conditions, e.g. in fire brigade and medical emergency operations, in heat and cold environments, in radioactive contamination of workplaces, etc. With the EAS, a procedure for video-supported activity sampling analysis is presented. Based on case studies from aircraft de-icing, it is shown that video-based activity sampling studies allow a well-founded analysis of postures and movements with a cost-benefit ratio that is acceptable to the analyst.