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Segmental Proportions Based on Anthropometry of Female Agricultural Workers, India

Yadav R*, Jakasania RG and Vadher AL

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Women play a major role in the development of rural and national economies of India through their agricultural operation. For proper design of farm equipment for women workers, it is necessary to collect anthropometric data on farm women. But not much of information is available regarding their anthropometric data. Therefore, an anthropometric survey was carried out for female agricultural workers of Gujarat state, wherein 382 female agricultural workers were selected and 38 body dimensions were precisely measured and recorded from each subject. The data measured were statistically analyzed for mean, standard deviation, 5th and 95th percentile values which are used in design. For making the data comprehensive and more useful, a set of 19 body dimensions, which are having direct implications on agricultural tool/implement design were selected, and compared with data of different states of India and also with other countries female workers. The mean weight and stature of female agricultural workers were found to be 48 kg and 1522 mm, respectively. A large variation in anthropometric dimensions was observed in the anthropometric data of female farm workers of different states of India and other countries. The data as obtained are intended to be used for the design and modifications of agricultural hand tools/implements with a view to reduce drudgery and at the same time increase efficiency, safety and comfort of operators in agriculture operation.