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Healthcare Workers Adherence to Follow-Up after Occupational Sharp Objects, Blood and Body Fluids Exposure Incidents in a Secondary Care Hospital-Saudi Arabia

Abdaley HM, Hakawi AM, Hathout HM and Eldalatony MM*

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Background: Prompt reporting of occupational blood and body fluid exposure increases the effectiveness of prophylaxis and treatment. Post-exposure follow-up of cases is extremely important Objectives: The study aims at assessing HCWs' adherence to follow-up after occupational exposure to blood and body fluids at a secondary care hospital in Saudi Arabia during Jan. 2012- Dec. 2015. Methods: A prospective follow-up in a secondary care hospital (550 bed) - Saudi Arabia includes all occupational blood and body fluid exposures during January 2012- Dec. 2015. Data entered in the data base of Epinet 1-5 US. Program. Cases evaluated for completing the recommended post- exposure management. Results: Total number of exposures was 293 incidents. Low compliance to follow up after exposure (27.5%, 2.9%) for hepatitis C and HIV respectively. Conclusion: Study of healthcare workers adherence to post exposure management revealed low compliance rates especially in case of suspected exposure to hepatitis C and HIV.