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Ergonomically Women Friendly Weeder: A Review

Yadav R*, Jakasania RG and Mohnot P

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Weeding operation mainly done by woman. Millions of farm women engaged in these activities are without any mechanical advantageous tools. They experience drudgery; output is low, more time at task, physical strain and suffers from occupational problems. To enhance participation in mechanization especially women workers, ergonomic design considerations have to be incorporated in tools and equipment. As we know that anthropometry of women is different from that of men so, there is a need to modify the existing tools and to make them women friendly. If the tool geometry is evaluated based on the bio-mechanical analysis of women worker, the fatigue caused could be reduced and tool efficiency can be improved. This paper aims to present a review of different women friendly weeder developed by researchers. Anthropometric data and strength data is very important in design of wedeer for women.V