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Assessment of Sustainable Development of New Ergonomics Aid for the Betterment of Job Procedure in Ridging Activity in Potato Cultivation among the Farmers of West Bengal, India

Banibrata Das*

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

The study deals with the assessment of musculoskeletal disorder among the potato farmers in ridging activity and to implement new ergonomic aid for the betterment of job procedure and improvement of productivity, health and safety of the workers. Two hundred sixty two potato farmers were randomly selected from the villages of West Bengal, India, to evaluate musculoskeletal disorder. Modified Nordic questionnaire studies and discomfort level scale along with hand grip strength were assessed among the potato farmers before and after using the ergonomic aid in ridging activity. After implementing the newly designed ergonomic aid, a maximum decrease in discomfort feeling, especially at the wrist, hand and shoulder and at the lower back region of the body, is observed. Thus the application of ergonomic aid in ridging activity in potato cultivation has significantly increased the productivity of the workers by decreasing the absenteeism from work among both the groups of workers.