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Analysis of Noise Level in a Campus Area: Case Study for Gazi University Maltepe Campus

Erman Çakıt*

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

There are several kind of sources such as cars, airplanes, vacuum cleaners, obtained as a result of technological improvement cause noise while they are working. If they are not controlled, high noise pollution will cause health problems including hearing loss, insomnia and psychological deteriorations. Noise pollution effects Gazi University Engineering Faculty Campus because of its proximity to the highways. For the purpose of assessing noise level at different points in campus area, some measurements were colllected at open and close places by using sound level meter. To capture the high noise events of campus’ particular areas, noise levels were collected with a sound level meter at 16 points within the campus at three different timings (9– 12 am, 12–2 pm, and 2–4 pm) over two cycles of measurements. Based on the obtained results, higher noise levels were observed during morning times and there should be taken immediate precautions to overcome noise pollution in campus area.