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Are Teachers Standing Too Much at Work?

Alias AN*, Karuppiah K, Vivien How, Perumal V, Sambasivam S, Tamrin SBM

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Limited standing working conditions such as prolonged standing work or static working posture among teachers is a common sight in the classroom, especially during school hours. From the perspective of this article working in a prolonged static standing working posture is very disadvantageous since the lower extremities would fully support the total body weight of a teacher. This will result in continuous loading on the lower extremities such as the knee joints and particularly the feet, leading to the incidence of discomfort and pain. In appreciation of the significance of managing standing jobs among teachers, this article was ready to disseminate data on prolong-standing health effects and intervention methods associated with teaching practices. This information may be helpful as a guideline for improving their school management to improve occupational health among teachers.