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A Facile Technique of Sensing Adulteration in Emulsion: A Road to Safety

Biswas R* and Karmakar PK

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Urea is a regular contaminant used in raw milk. Excess intake of urea-contaminated milk produces various health hazards. The key experimental challenge is to develop a rapid and inexpensive urea detection technique. Despite multitude of analytical schemes, they fall short either in rapid sensing or in cost effectiveness. In the quest of solutions, we unravel the systematic and procedural colorimetric quantification of urea through pristine gold nanoparticles. The sensing provides a limit of detection of 0.03 mg/ml, which is well below the permissible range of the World Health Organization (WHO). Being endowed with an excellent linearity of~0.99 and cost effectiveness, the sensing unit possesses a good reproducibility with potential scope in real sample analysis.