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Functionality of the Nudge to Reduce the Frequency of Use of Smartphones in a School Context

Vaccaro M* , Bisagni M, Pozzi F and Moderato P

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

The Nudge techniques concern every aspect in the architecture of the choices that alters, in a simple and economic way, the behavior of people in a predictable way without the use of prohibitions or economic incentives. In order to address the problem of the high frequency of use of the smartphone in the school context during the course of educational activities, a nudge intervention was developed in a higher institute in Piedmont to reduce its use. Simplification has made it possible to propose information in such a way as to reduce its complexity (physical or conceptual) and therefore decrease the cognitive cost necessary, in terms of time and energy, to make a choice, increasing the probability that the correct choice will be made in the children how to store your smartphone in your backpack during educational activities. The data showed that, under experimental conditions, the frequency of use of the devices was reduced compared to the control rate, which suggests the effectiveness of the intervention.