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A Novel Two-Stage Intutitonistic Fuzzy Approach Proposal Based On Anp and Mathematical Modelling for Risk Assessment

Yelda AYRIM and Gülin Feryal CAN*

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Risk assessment (RA) is an activity performed to determine the hazards that may exist in the work areas. RA deals with complex expressions including hesitancy as it contains linguistic data. This study proposes a novel two-stage intuitionistic fuzzy RA based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Analytic Network Process (IF-ANP) and intuitionistic mathematical modeling. In the first stage, by considering the effects between each risk factor (RF) and relations between FMs, importance weights of RFs are computed and the rankings of FMs are obtained with IF-ANP. In the second stage, an intuitionistic mathematical model has been established reflecting the real constraints of the company as cost, safety level and the rankings’ weights of FMs obtained from IF-ANP to determine the FMs that must be prevent firstly. Goals of the mathematical model are minimizing the cost and the risk level of the assembly area. Environmental, administrative, cost and risk structure related factors are considered as main RFs to rank nine FMs.