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Everything in a Part: About the Creation of Universe and Consciousness

Di Sia P* and Bhadra NK

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

In this paper we consider a scenario beyond the well known Standard Model (SM) of physics that is holistic, appropriate for the explanation of everything, including the consciousness. Mathematically we deal with the Super Unified Gaussian Energy Group SU(11) instead of SU(5) related to SM. The presence of the group SU(6) inside SU(11) can allow, after the symmetry breaking of SU(11), the creation of new particles, responsible of the consciousness. Consciousness can be considered as a non-local quantum information, describing an elegant information-participatory universe connecting quantum-information consciousness and physics; so we can understand consciousness, energy and matter as different expressions of a same informational order. Very important is the function of the entanglement, assuring an informational universe-consciousness interconnection. A recent model in progress, said B-DS model, is part of this global scenario, in the attempt to contribute in explaining reality in its totality in a holistic way, leaving the scheme that sees contemporary physics focused only on matter, with the exclusion of consciousness.