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The Difficulties of Big Bang Theory and a New Explanatory Scenario

Di Sia P* and Sorli AS

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

The Big Bang (BB) theory is considered an accepted scientific fact, despite a substantial lack of empirical evidence and although there is a growing set of discrepancies with the observations made of the far universe. New measurements of the Hubble constant suggest strong implications about the validity of the current Standard Model of cosmology at the extreme scales of cosmos. NASA measured in 2014 that space in the universe has an Euclidean shape, not a curved one. According to Stephen Hawking and Alan Guth, the universe started from a mathematical point, with an infinite amount of energy, which is a non-physical and non-falsifiable assumption. Problems also exist about the size of the universe observable today. A new model solves all these problems and offers a new vision of cosmology through the extension of the Einstein’s theory of relativity and the introduction of a principle of bijectivity.