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Use of Photo Diary to Explore Needs for Digital Disease Management Program among Community Older Adults with Chronic Disease

Kuo MC, Chen CM*, Wu FG, Chen CH, Yin ZX and Wang CY

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

As technology advanced, new e-health solutions are evolved to empower people to manage their care at home. This study explored the needs for disease management in activity tracking using photo diary through older adults’ subjective perspective. It further aimed to suggest which lifestyle measures, symptoms and behaviors would be meaningful to include in such a digital diseases care management program for technology design. Both photo diary and focus group discussion were used, 11 older adults with multiple metabolism-related chronic diseases (Mean age, 72.5 ± 6.14 years) were recruited and asked to carry out the photo diary to trace their living situation and needs using a tablet camera. A focus group discussion was applied to identify the needs of chronic disease management, basing on the results of living context tracing. Five themes, regular physical activity, health management, and healthy diet, regular daily routine and social connection, were identified by content analysis from photo diary and the focus group discussion. The results indicated that the photo diary program can raise awareness and promotes positive behavior changes. It is believed that the E-approach can be applied to the effectively enhance older adults’ self-management by monitoring their health status and their daily routine activities.