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Low Back Pain Prevalence in Brazilian Helicopter Pilots

Gilvan V da Silva*

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Studies have suggested a higher prevalence of low back pain in helicopter pilots when compared to the general population. This work aims to study the frequency distribution of recurrent low back pain observed in civilian and military helicopter pilots. To carry out the survey, a self-reported questionnaire was applied to 197 helicopter pilots, of which 106 were military personnel and 91 were civilians. The questionnaire was the same used by da Silva 2018 and Bongers et al. 1990. The data collected were: age, weight, height, total flight hours in rotary-wing aircraft, average hours flown per week, level of Physical activity, characteristics, intensity and region of pain, its relationship with flight, etc. Of the 197 tabulated questionnaires, the prevalence of low back pain of 44.6% and spinal pain of 54.2% were found, and of this group, 98.15% reported pain during or immediately after the flight, and only less than 2.0% affirms that the referred pain has no connection with air activity. These data confirm those found in the literature. The present study is part of an investigation process that, through the analysis and interpretation of the collected data, aims to provide subsidies for a future elaboration of a specific physical exercise program for the reduction of low back pain in helicopter pilots.