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Ergonomic Risk By: Repetitive Movements, in the Operators of a Crude Oil Production Plant

Guillermo Neusa Arenas*, Jeanette del Pilar Ureña Aguirre, Ramiro Vicente Saraguro and Edwin Javier Iza Sánchez

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Hobbies to health due to exposure to repetitive physical effort in operators of crude production plants and, in each of the different macro processes by work cycles they carry out in their daily tasks, lead to different biomechanical movements in the body, creating occupational pathological hobbies such as musculoskeletal disorder (SMD). In a study carried out through the calculation of the (finite) sample of 150 operators and, based on the Nordic Standardized Questionnaire (CNE), several operators were assessed for exposure to the dysergonomic risk factor and; By applying the OCRA Checklist and the OCRA method, the exposure index (IE) is analyzed, which provides a result of the position with the highest IE; As a result of the data obtained by the initial checklist, it was determined, of 18 positions or areas of work analyzed, 72% are at high risk, 21% of operators, clinical lumbar clinical picture, although 20%, have A clinical picture of painful shoulder. As an effect, the execution of an occupational ergonomics plan allows the establishment of preventive measures for pathological control by postural biometrics, creating a safe environment and protection of the health of the operators.