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Ergonomic Force Analysis, based on the UNE-EN-1005-3 Method, for Crude Oil Production Plant Operators

Guillermo Neusa Arenas*, Jeanette del Pilar Ureña Aguirre, Ramiro Vicente Saraguro and Soraya Nathali Puco Fonseca

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

The processes carried out by the operators in the crude oil production centers (CPF) of the oil sector require greater interaction when making a musculoskeletal movement in each operation, this implies manipulation and force or the combination of the two, during the time of exposure to this factor for several hours a day, generating different pathologies that represent damage to health, producing consequences of physical overload in each work cycle during the biomechanical action of the body by manipulation, force, push or pull. Based on the Nordic (CN) questionnaire, the operators present indicators of high and medium morbidity due to Musculoskeletal Injury (SCI), more than 62.4% of the operators in the CPF, show chronic pain causing absenteeism from work and loss in production, causing deterioration in health in the short, medium or long term. By applying the UNE-EN-1005-3 method, it allows evaluating each cycle of physiological movement by force. These disergonomic aspects need to be corrected in due time, preventing pathologies due to SCI both clinical and permanent or temporary disability, preventing damage to the back-lumbar or cervical area. An occupational medical control program can decrease morbidity and increase the organization productivity.