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L’Africain de Le Clézio « ci tekkim Daouda Ndiaye » : approche d’une traduction littéraire en wolof    

Alice Chaudemanche

Journal Title:Critic

The literary translation of a French-speaking text into Wolof challenges the power relations between the world's languages and invites us to decentralize the analysis to approach the translation from the point of view of the target language and target culture. The study of Baay sama, doomu Afrig (2016), the translation of Le Clézio's L'Africain (2004) into Wolof, will lead us to question the role of translation in the preservation and experimentation of the Wolof language and in the development of the written literary corpus. In this context, the translator gains visibility and acquires an original enunciative posture: a translator and storyteller narrator?   Key words: wolof, literary translation, translator, narrator