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La littérature camerounaise à l’épreuve de l’éthique de la différence et de l’ethnocentrisme : analyse de la traduction de Temps de chien de Patrice Nganang      

Arsène Joël Kuate

Journal Title:Critic

This research paper investigates the issue of ethnocentrism and ethics in the translation of Cameroon literature, characterized by an overuse of both verbal and oral-centered features and a tendency to promote vernacularization. In this paper, we question the approach used when translating all peculiarities of Nganang’s Temps de Chien and incorporating them into the Spanish context. The analysis has shown that the translator’s approach is ethically acceptable because it takes into account the characteristic features of the source language and culture and fit them into the literary sphere of the receptor’s culture.   Keywords : cameroon literature, culture, ethics, ethnocentrism, cultural difference