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Traduire en contexte de développement : la communauté comme cadre structurant

Paul-Marie Moyenga

Journal Title:Critic

In an Africa where the language of institutional communication is the language of the colonizer, translation plays a leading role in public action. Indeed, in a country like Burkina Faso, all development standards are designed in a language inaccessible to 80% of the population (corresponding to the rate illiteracy of the country). There is therefore the challenge of disseminating these standards so that they can be embodied in the daily action of citizens. Translating becomes a necessary passage. Far from being an informal practice of passing from one language to another, translation is presented as a normed space crossed by various issues, especially the expense of putting into cultural and symbolic perspective of the object of translation. From the decentralization policy, the purpose of this contribution is to show that the challenge of translation in the African context goes beyond the technical mastery of a “science” to arise in terms of anchoring in a particular cultural context in which the “translated” takes meaning.   Keywords: translation, decentralization, african imaginary