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Electrochemical Analysis of Sulfamethoxazole by Differential pulse voltammograms Method

Ahmad Khalaf Alkhawaldeh

Journal Title:International Journal of Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Manganese and Molybdenum oxides are well-known electro-catalysts in fuel cells systems; they are usually used as anodic materials for the oxidation of low molecular weight alcohols. The utilization of MoO2 and MnO2 as catalysts in the pharmaceutical analysis is not common yet an analytical method for the determination of Sulfamethoxazole (SMX) antibacterial agents in Pharmaceutical Dosage form is developed. The method is based on the voltammetric determination of SMX using modified glassy carbon electrode by molybdenum oxide. The two components are oxidized at the modified electrode surface with the development of current that is linearly proportional to their concentrations in the range of 7.04*10-7- 1*10-3 M for SMX. The oxidation reaction of the two components is pH-dependent, in which the buffer used is Britton-Robinson at pH = 7.00 where maximum peak current and maximum peak separation is obtained. The regression factors obtained from the calibration curves are 0.9790 for SMX and 0.9812 for TMP. The method of analysis was validated, where the limit of detection (LOD) and the limit of quantitation (LOQ) of SMX were calculated to be 1.44*10-4 M, 4.36*10-4 M and 1.27*10-4 M, 3.84*10-4 M respectively, The percentage recovery of both components was also calculated to 81 % for SMX.