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Review of the Application of Artificial intelligence in Sign Language Recognition System

Oyeniran, Oluwashina A.1, Oyeniyi, Joshua O.2, Sotonwa, Kehinde A.3, Ojo, Adeolu O.4

Journal Title:International Journal of Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Communication is the process human beings understand what is said to them and the way they say or express their thoughts, needs and feelings to other people and this is mostly through speech. Although, when it comes to people with hearing impairment, sign language is inevitable. Thus, sign language is the most natural and effective way for communicating among deaf and other people. This study reviewed various schemes in the application of AI in the recognition and interpretation of sign language for machine and human understanding. This study revealed that numerous researchers have proposed and implemented diverse computer and android based application to aid learning and teaching sign language while others developed numerous machine learning algorithms and frameworks to foster sign language recognition system. Thus, this study established that artificial intelligence has greatly developed the teaching, learning and communication with sign language and obviously, artificial intelligence will be capable to resolve the future challenges that may arise in that regards.