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Intelligent Medical Companion using Internet of Things 

Ahmad Khalaf Alkhawaldeh 1, Rawia Alkhawaldeh 2, Adeeb Ibrahim 2

Journal Title:International Journal of Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Improvement in quality of health and medicine has become of paramount importance. The solution to this problem requires a wearable device for continuous monitoring for the patient. As a result, Medical companion was the best choice for the patient who suffers Arrhythmia due to its low-cost and efficacy to save the life of the patient. Moreover, this system is able to deliver reliable heartbeat and body temperature data to a user in a real-time, with a smart mobile application. This system mainly consists of MAX30100 and LM35 that detect heart rate and temperature of the human respectively. The output of these sensors is given to the esp32 section, which runs an Arrhythmia algorithm, which is already programmed, into it. If an abnormal heartbeat is detected, then it activates the alert in the mobile application. This mobile application will automatically send an alert message for the emergency centre and the patient's caregiver; thereby the life of the person can be saved.