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Assessment the knowledge of Menopausal symptoms among middle age women in Basra city



Menopause is natural and expected part of a women's development; it is a normal events that marks the end of fertility and child bearing years. so it is vital to inform the women about risk factors and preventive strategies to avoid term disorders in this stage. A descriptive analytic study was conducted to identify women's knowledge and health practices regarding menopausal stage in Basra city. A purposive sample of (50) women data were collected by using a questionnaire format. During 5th November /2014 to 25th / March /2015). Descriptive statistical procedures (frequencies percentage and mean score) were used to analyze the data . The result of study showed that the highest percentage (40-45 ) years and low level of socioeconomic status and majority of them were Employed with. Institute level education Most of them were multipara (30%) ,and of them (54%) no have abortion . Most of them (40. %) Suffering of obese by using BMI calculi. Most of them had satisfied knowledge regarding to (Feeling exhaust & fatigue) with high score ( 1.9 ),which is common symptoms' during this stage in this period of study