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Comparison Between a Brewery Effluent and Its Receiving Stream in Ibadan Based on Their Physico; Chemical and Microbiological Analysis

Oluwayemisi Agnes Olorode and O. E. Fagade

Journal Title:International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS)

This study was conducted to compare the physico - chemical and microbiological parameters of a brewery effluent and its receiving stream in Ibadan, located in south-west of Nigeria from the month of December 1993 to June 1994. Results obtained indicated that brew house effluent had a higher pH (5.2) than the receiving stream pH (4.8), lower levels of chloride ions, dissolved oxygen, total solids, conductivity and BODs than its receiving stream. Aerobic bacteria counts from sample A ( brewery effluent) ranged from 180 x 103 cfu/ml to 150x103 cfu/ml and its receiving stream from 147 x 103 cfu/ml to 137 x 103 , while the fungi counts from 1.3 x 104 to 1.1 x 104 and 5.7 x 104 to 4.5 x 104 respectively. Total coliform counts ranged from 2.0 x 10 MPN/100 to 7.0 x 10 MPN/ 100 and 2400 x 10 MPN/100 for sample A and B respectively. Microorganism isolated include Pseudomomonas sp, Acetobacter sp., Flavobacterium sp, and Lactobacillus sp, Aspergillus niger, Curvularia sp, Alternaria sp for sample A, while Bacillus sp, Pseudomonas sp Escherichia coli, Fusarium sp, Penicillum sp 1, Penicillium sp 2, and Aspergillus sp were isolates from sample B. There was no significant difference between the values of physico-chemical of the two samples at P