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Risk Management in ERP Implementation: In Context to Indian SME

 Vivek Kumar  krs.vivek88@gmail.com Department of Business Administration, MAKAUT West Bengal.


There can be no great accomplishment without risk” said Neil Armstrong. Risk management is a very crucial and vital task in the current era of competition in business. In today’s fast-growing competitive world, the value of ERP systems has received great importance in Organization. The projects associated with ERP are quite risky. But, once implemented properly, it will give an upper hand to the organization. However, due to its degree of complexity and riskiness, the implementation of ERP has become a critical aspect for an organization to focus on its tracks in order to make its implementation successful by providing the organization a competitive advantage. Most firms in the Indian SME sector have less idea regarding the critical factors related to risk, that need to take into consideration for successful ERP implementation. The main goal of this paper is to provide help in identifying and mitigating the risks of ERP projects during its implementation phase. It also highlights the key risk factor in the ERP implementation phase.