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Conceptual Analysis of Discrimination  

Ali Rıza ERDEM  


Discrimination is a concept which has been discussed by different sides of the society throughout the history and which still keeps its importance and will do in future, as well. The word “discrimination” originates from the latin word “discriminare” which means “separate” or “divide”. The major thing which is emphasized in definitions concerning discrimination is the negative categorization of the individual or the groups in the society, the negative categorization of the individuals with the reasons which are not found reasonable and discourse and actions that are parallel to the reasons. The conceptual analysis means to indicate its compounds and indicators. The compounds of discrimination are “prejudice”, “dogma” and “benefit”. (i) Prejudice. Prejudice is described as “the negative approach”, which are usually known as unbased, discriminative and intolerant, towards a group of people or singular members of the group as a consequence of missing or mistaken judgment. Therefore, prejudice makes up the fundamentals of discrimination. Individuals may tend to adopt discrimination as spiritual concept without considering the prejudice that sometimes they are not aware to obtain or they are never aware. (ii) Dogma. On the other hand, the term “dogma” is described as the thought whose credibility is absolutely accepted without all kinds of examination and criticize. The dogmas that are based on believing without any examination are one of the major compounds of discrimination. Dogma may also result is not using the logic because it cancels the functioning of human mind and so it may make human beings more prone to acceptations. (ii) Benefit. Meanwhile, the term “benefit” is considered negatively in language and so it is not seen in the first common place in interaction of us and this case is often underlined. Because consideration of benefit is invariably evaluated as a negative factor in interactive relations of people. Individuals or group membersmaytendtomakediscriminationsbecausethey consider their own benefits and moreover they are aware or not aware of it. The major indicators of discrimination is “hate speech”, “applications of violence” and “favoritism”. (i) Hate speech. Hate speech is the violation of right to life. That’s why, we notice that “the hate speech” points to inequality and rejects the concerned individual or the group and insults some parts or groups in the society and feeds the prejudice. The speech of hate which is a major indicator of discrimination may result in the violence by leading to physically, performance of hate crimes which is mainly based on hate speech. (ii) Applications of violence. In descriptions concerning violence over an individual or the society, physical power, brutal force for bad purposes and the harm of people who are exposed to violence and any kind of morally and financially negative factors concerning the physical and spiritual well-being. One of the major reasons of the violence over an individual or a group is the discrimination. Violence which is also expression of the discrimination may result in irrevocable harm in individuals in terms of emotional and social points as well as being considered a “crime” in law. (iii) Favoritism. The term “favoritism” which also refers to “lookout” backing up refers to supporting someone without considering the law and social rules to give priority unjustly in a subject. Favoritism is also classified in four major groups known as “nepotism”, “kronizm”, “partisanship” and “gender discrimination”. For this reason, favoritism threats the individuals, organizations and the society by means of corruption. Therefore, favoritism with is negative effects and so it seems inevitable that favoritism should be prevented by means of legal measures due to its negative effects over individuals, organizations and the society. Despite the negative effects of favoritism over the individual(s), organization(s) and the society, it has almost become an everyday factor and this assumption has gradually enlarged in the society. One of the major indicators of discrimination is favoritism that the individual(s), right(s) are grasped and it is considered one of the most critical reasons for the social corruption. In this respect, favoritism should be regarded as a major concrete evidence discrimination, as well. In other words, favoritism is that discrimination for individual(s) turns out to be a physically visible factor as back-up or support.