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New Position of Storrytelling in the Context of Digital Narration  



The concept of storytelling which existed long before the emergence of written sources, has been carried to quite different dimensions with the contribu- tion of the scientific and technological riches it brought with us. Starting with the hunting stories drawn on the cave walls, the story of the human being is moving towards a different point in a formal and contextual way with the development of the mass media. With the modernization and especially with the devel- opment of technology, there have been profound changes in the relationship between the narrator and the listener as well as the story concept. Transferring stories to virtual environments and storytelling through technological tools now defines a more interactive process. The relationship between the narrator / listener and the classical story is now intertwined through technological environments. In this process, new concepts such as online story writ- ing ”and“ interactive story writing ”have emerged.In this study, the relationship between the story and the listener is discussed in detail. In this study, social changes, the dynamics of the era and technological advances have been taken into consid- eration and the course of the storytelling has been dis- cussed from past to present. With the contribution of technological developments, the story, which has been transferred from verbal lan- guage to digital platform and thus to digital language, has undergone a significant change in terms of form and content in line with this new environment and new con- ditions.Especially the narratives put forward in techno- logical environments primarily on television and on the internet, is insufficient to defining this process only with “story” concept. Digital story production has created an environment for the emergence of different concepts. The narratives (stories), which became more accessible and more easily shared within the possibilities of the digital world, began to become more visible to the wider masses and to take the form of hypertext through widespread communication platforms. With the introduction of different disciplines, it has become necessary to make different definitions of the story. The story has now become interactive.The story is individualized, however. Thanks to the technolog- ical infrastructure, it is shared in a more global area. The potentials of the digital story have just begun to be understoodDespite this, studies on the concept of digital storytelling are still limited today.Identification of the limits or unlimitedness of digital storytelling, analysis of form and content, detailed studies on narrative and narrative will contribute to the definition of digital story and to develop a more academic perspective. It is now possible to calculate in this unlimited uni- verse, thanks to the possibilities of the digital world, by whom digital stories are shared, when they are read and when they are changed.Storytelling has now turned into a massive process.The digital story also opposes central media and capital, which monopolized television and cinema.It allows nonprofessional people to share their stories.Therefore, the concept of digital storytelling was evaluated not only in terms of narrative, formal and contextual aspects, but also in terms of social, economic and cultural results. The processes that the concept of storytelling goes through in the historical process will be examined through different examples, while the process extending to digital storytelling will be evaluated comparatively in the light of the opinions of different theorists.This study aims to develop a new perspective on the concept of a new story that continues its existence by changing / transforming it in such a new technological reality, at least to determine the last point of the concept of tech- nological storytelling