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Effective Design Of Packaging

Gultekin Erdal    


Today, there is almost no one person who is not interested in packaging. The packaging that its place and importance in our lives is increasing further has been documented how to surround of mankind's history by its 5000 years history. The increase of potential consumers can not be ignored at its acquiring of this much space in our daily lives, but manufacturer competition takes the lion's share. Purchasing is often triggered by the allurement instinct of packaging of the products on the shelves like a fashion charm. Brand value, product quality, type, and other factors are important details that consumers do not ignore. However, this article has been tried to focus on the factors which trigger customer ego as the allure of the packaging, lonely sales strategy, and creating a sense of trust. Therefore, reasons for the importance of packaging in our daily life have been the subject of this research Design of packaging, a form of packaging, psychological causes as their impact on ego, the power that brings to the second class of product brand and quality value have been tried to demonstrate.  B.C. In 3000, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Iranians, and Turks were able to make bottles by blowing glass, using containers such as jars and jars for liquid foods, and papyrus for packaging. With the development of humanity and the increase in needs, increases, and changes in packaging types and materials have started to take place. Especially M.S. The discovery of paper in 105, and later in the 15th century, the innovation movements that began in Europe were the most important factors that accelerated the development of packaging. Paper bags, tin, and corrugated cardboard boxes, high-quality glass bottles for milk and other liquid beverages, and other types of packaging have been introduced to humanity one after another. Furthermore, more durable and protective packages have been produced by increasing the resistance of these materials by tinning, coating, and similar chemical and physical interactions. In addition to materials and production techniques, original and realistic packages were designed with the knowledge of the contemporary structure of designers. Together with the developing packaging technology, more useful and showy packages have been produced. Its superior ego has created much more functional and flashy packages. The number of consumers who buy products is not limited because they like their packaging. However, the production of so many packages brought about environmental problems, and the packaging waste started to occupy the agenda. In many countries, municipalities felt the obligation to reuse trash by implementing packaging waste collection laws. Because after this stage, ego has started to be replaced by environmental awareness and common life concerns. It is the general aim of humanity to create a society and a world in which people can benefit equally from the welfare society, which continually develops without overloading the environment. Especially after product developers, consumers, and even anyone interested in packaging should make efforts. The purpose of the packaging has now changed for the third time. Since the creation of mankind, storage-protection in the first stage, protection-transportation-promotion in the second stage, and environment and living space creation in the third stage are the new points in the packaging. In other words, new concepts such as environmental protection, product responsibility, and universal designs have started to prevail in the world of packaging. This article has been demonstrated the characteristics of a successful packaging and has been described as the fact that it has been able to recognize packaging before the product via the designer's right approach. It was explained that most of the time, the sense of allure of the consumer that is created by packaging how comes to the forefront of the product and brand identity. With this study, which investigated the successful packaging forms and features, it has been wanted to explain the effective design in packaging, which means buying fast on the customer side. This article gives examples of how packaging reflects the place, the importance, the definition, and the human qualities we have in our lives. It is told how packaging is a living soul, how talking with us, how print quality affects packaging, and what tries to tell us. In today when the packaging is not just a container, and this value judgment is becoming more widespread, it has been revealed how people reflect their love, loneliness, and friendship and health worries to packaging. It was exemplified how we associate with a package when we receive a product, and how the product or its package directed us. In this study, living connective tissues between packages and humans were determined.