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Machine Vibration Measurement With Designed High Resolution Monitoring Software

İsmet Gücüyener


Vibration is formed as a result of the oscillating movements created by the machines. The vibration values of the running machines are expected to be at an acceptable level. Acceptable vibration values are determined by preliminary tests by the manufacturer. In the machine, the vibration of the machine increases due to the wear and tear of the interconnected parts over time. Therefore, an increase in the vibration values of the machines is observed before the possible malfunction. Machine vibrations are constantly monitored in almost every factory that is produced. In sensitive vibration measurements, it can even be revealed from which part the malfunction is caused. Different algorithms and different sensors are used to make vibration measurements accurately. Vibration sensors and software used in our country are imported from abroad. In this study, vibration measurement was investigated by using shock sensor. Primarily, the designed system was tested by reading the signs known to perceive correct data. The results of the test procedures were verified with the oscilloscope measurement values. The designed vibration measurement system can create more precise graphic values than oscilloscope marks measuring 150 MHz. The importance of sensitive graphic values emerges if it provides the least erroneous data to reveal the machine condition. An engine test setup has been created to measure vibration so as to provide field applications. Vibration measurement was carried out at different speeds of the DC motor used in the test setup. The vibration graphics obtained as a result of the test have been shown to be compatible with the motor values used in industrial application. The shock sensor used for vibration sensing converts physical values into electrical signals using piezo-electric substance. An explanation is made by illustrating how the sensor's physical structure is. The crystal substance used in the sensor structure is produced from substances found in nature. If the raw material source used in the sensor structure is found in our country, more sensitive sensors can be produced. It is used to convert the desired physical event into electrical values on the basis of the sensor. It is always desirable for electronic devices that sensor signal values convert the sensed physical event into a large electrical range value. Industrial electrical noise sources in the industrial environment can affect sensor signals. In this case, the wrong values can be measured and wrong information about the machine condition can be produced. Generating false values makes a system unreliable. Therefore, there is an electromagnetic shielding shield on the sensor circuit used. If the sensor marks produce values in a larger electrical range, the electronic system to be designed will be safer. The model described in this study will shed light on the sensor researches that will be used to detect vibration marks. In the system designed for piezo vibration measurement process, Visual C ++ software, 16 bit ADC capable National Instrument PCI-4451 data acquisition card and BNC-2140 signal connection terminal were used. In the designed software, sampling frequency, sampling number and input gain can be changed optionally. In the system, the detected analog signals are converted into digital values. The margin of error in this conversion process is ± 76µV. The small margin of error always ensures that the designed system is more reliable. This margin of error, which we cannot eliminate in electronic devices, is quite small in the designed measurement system. Thanks to this feature, signal changes that cannot be seen on an oscilloscope screen used in a lab environment can be monitored. In addition, selecting the sampling value of the designed system and changing the gain of the received signals reveals another superior feature of the designed system. Of course, it is possible to design more sensitive systems. But in this case, the cost will increase as a deterrent. It is clear that the physical environment under measurement will never be a very clean laboratory. The use of sensitive devices in these environments is almost impossible due to heat exchange, humidity, dust, vibrating environment. In addition, professional software that will provide sensor detection brings costs such as software fee and update fee and project application fee. The design provides a flexible cost-effective vibration measurement system suitable for use in both factory environment and non-sensitive laboratory applications with normal conditions.