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Decision making process of managers towards sustainability and environment affected by COVID-19

Patrícia Jánošová

Journal Title:Focus on Research in Contemporary Economics

The need to behave responsibly towards the environment is an increasingly addressed topic in many areas. People are increasingly trying to behave in harmony with nature, because they are aware of the fatal consequences of human activity on the environment. The current states of the world voluntarily participate in the meet of the goals of the 2030 Agenda. In order to meet the goals of the 2030 Agenda, we need to apply "sustainable behavior". The current situation in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic "helped" us to improve air quality, which in the short term helped to acquire better air  quality values. This fact applies to the goal of Agenda 2030 number 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities, which secondarily affects other goals. The subject of the article is to record and evaluate the change in air quality during the COVID-19 pandemic on the basis of daily recorded data and make a possible options of air quality states that we can expect after the end of the pandemic based on managers decisions.