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Basic Concepts of Vatvyadhi Chikitsa- An Overview

Vd. Sujata Jadhav *1, Dr. Smita V. Dhurde 2 , Dr. Sanjay Lungare3

Journal Title:International Journal of PharmaO2 (IJPO)

Human beings are inviting many diseases because of fast running life with change in diet and sleeping habits. Due to daily routine, travelling and increased activities many people are suffering from multiple types of musculo-skeletal diseases (MSDs). According to Ayurveda these diseases are described as Vatvyadhi. Thorough Rogi (patient) and Rog (disease) Parikshana (examination) and applying basic concepts of Vatvyadhichikitsa, patients get more relief. Keywords: Vatvyadhi, Dincharya, Ritucharya, Chikitsa, Rogiparikshana , Rogparikshana.