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Liquorice and its Beneficial Effects in Dentistry-A Review

Mr. Prasad Kharche

Journal Title:International Journal of PharmaO2 (IJPO)

Liquorice the name given to the roots and stolons of Glycyrrhiza species, has been used since ancient times as a traditional herbal remedy. Liquorice also known as yashtimadhu, sweetwood or mulhatti is one such herbal remedy which has shown to have immense potential in treatment of orofacial diseases. Liquorice contains several classes of secondary metabolites with which numerous human health benefits have been associated. Recent research suggests that liquorice and its bioactive ingredients such as glycyrrhizin, glabridin, licochalcone A, licoricidin, and licorisoflavan A possess potential beneficial effects in oral diseases. This paper reviews the effects of liquorice and its constituents on oral dental diseases (dental caries, candidiasis, Gingivitis,and periodontitis). It also summarizes results of clinical trials that investigated the potential beneficial effects of liquorice and its constituents for preventing ⁄ treating oral-dental diseases. Keywords: Liquorice, Dental caries, Candidiasis, Gingivitis, Periodontitis.