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A Review on Comparative Analysis of Routing Protocols of MANET?

Umara Urooj, Nafees Ayub, Ramzan Talib, Yahya Saeed?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks is an emerging field of networking. This system has some distinct characteristics than existing networking technologies. This system is builds up by the collection of mobile nodes come in contact of each other to work together or serve each other. If a payload is not related to a node it is sent to next node. So a node acts as a router. MANET has its own set of routing protocols. It has different Proactive nature, Reactive nature and Hybrid nature routing protocols. In this paper those journals are selected for review which considered OPNET as simulator and performed comparative analysis on different MANET routing protocols. Here it is checked which type of traffic is considered for routing purpose and which routing protocol performed well, which parameters were considered? So that after reviewing this paper, an idea about MANET routing protocols, their working can be developed.