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Traditional Practices of Neonatal Care (Sadyojata Shishuparicharya)

Ram KB*

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

According to the Indian culture, much prominence is given to the post partum period. The term ‘neonatal’ means a child who is just born. Care of neonate right from just after birth till the first feeling has been described by various texts of Ayurveda. Though India has various cultures; basics of all the Neonatal care system (Sadyojata Shishuparicharya) in different Indian cultures are same, only the constituents change according to the climate and customs. Lot of instructions are available in classical Ayurvedic literature for the care of neonates in the form of traditional practices. The steps included in neonatal care or Sadyojata Shishuparicharya are Pranapratyagamnama (Resuscitation of new born), Nabhi nadi (care of the cord), Jatakarma Sanskara, Swarna Prashan Sanskara & Snan (Prelacteal Feeds and baby bath), Piyush& Stana Panama(colostrum and breast feeding) , Breast milk purifiers & promoters (Lactagogues), Dhatri Gunas (wet nursing), Shishuabhyanagama(Baby massage), Anjana prayoga (corrylium application), modified medicinal preparation of Lehya (Janam Ghuntti), Karna & Nasa vedhan sanskar (Ear & Nose peircing) & the Rakshakarma (Protective measures) [1,2]. An attempt has been made by me, to present the traditional practices of the various procedures, included in neonatal care (Sadyojata Shishu Paricharya) through this article. The material helpful to this context was collected and compiled from different classical Ayurveda literatures and renowned paediatric textbooks.