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Clinical Studies with Ayurvedic Formulations-A Practitioner’s Preview

Ish Sharma* and Amritpal Singh

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM) is a storehouse for developing lead drugs for clinical trials. Although, clinical research in Ayurveda in TIM is a novel concept, it can be said that drugs like Triphala, (mild laxative) Tikatu (bioavailability enhancer) and Dashmoola (anti-inflammatory) are the outcome of trials conducted by ancient scientists. The review shows clinical studies done with formulations used in TIM. The formulations were grouped according to action on human system based on data generated from internet and literary search. Apparently, the studies may be uncontrolled but their importance in conducting or improving previously conducted clinical trials with TIM can’t be ruled out. The knowledge may well-combine with ‘reverse pharmacological’ approach for cost-effective and potential cures from TIM.