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Level of Nigerian Cadetsí Satisfaction on the Services of Lyceum International Maritime Academy

Dexter R. Buted, John Reynald D. Abiad, John Paul D. Aguba, Alexander Jedd A. Ellar, Dandarc P. Ilao, John Harold D. Sales, Ms. Beverly T. Caiga

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

Satisfaction characterizes the quality of products and services that the organization delivers to its customers that serves as the basis for continuous improvement. The study primarily aimed to investigate the level of satisfaction of Nigerian students in relation to administration, instruction, facilities, and securities. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study. Results showed that Nigerian students were moderately satisfied in the LIMA Administration, academic instruction and facilities while they were fairly satisfied in the LIMA Security. The demand of foreign students to have competitive edge by studying abroad includes that the services of an educational institution wherein these students are enrolled should meet the satisfaction of these students in all key areas of administration, instruction, facilities and security; otherwise such institution has to take appropriate action and measure to improvement its services.