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Understanding the Concepts Rasayana in Ayurveda Biology

Venugopalan SN* and Venkatasubramanian P

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

This article explains the fundamentals of Rasayana in the light of basic theories of Ayurveda with detailed discussions on many knowledge points which are sourced from classical texts written in Sanskrit centuries ago. This also explains the relationship of Rasayana with body, and natural process of ageing, fivefold category (Rasa panchaka) and its relations. While explaining the Rasayana action of a drug, the role and importance of metabolic factors and its different stages of absorption, its pathways and metabolic transformations, disequilibrium and the process of waste eliminations are linked appropriately. Anti ageing as one of the focal areas of Rasayana, the discussion on controlling the biological clock of ageing through Rasayana opens up new areas for research. It is also very important to study the concept of longevity, Immunity and Rasayana. Classification of Rasayana, importance of Code of conduct, Contraindications of Rasayana therapy, Potential Rasayana functions are discussed in detail.