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Measuring the Effect of Crystals on the Body’s Electromagnetic Field (EMF)

Maria Kuman*

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

Reiki Masters claim that the use of crystals during hand (energy) healing enhances the healing. Could crystals influence the body? Crystals crystalize under the ground at very high temperature and pressure, which slowly drop down. If so, the crystalline structure could be expected to incorporate some of this energy, but the effect of crystals’ energy of the human electromagnetic field (EMF) can be expected to be subtle. However, considering the fact that the human EMF, which rules and regulates everything in the body, is a subtle field thousands of times weaker than the body biocurrents, we decided to try to measure the effect of crystals on it. Reiki Healers and their patients were measured with our sensitive patented energy meter. The patients were first hand-healed without crystals and then with crystals. It was found that when crystals were used the energy balance was better. To avoid the argument that maybe the healing with crystal was better because it was a second Reiki healing, we also measured patients treated first with Reiki healing with crystals and then without crystals. In both cases, the energy balance of the body was better after the use of crystals, which proves that crystals do facilitate the energy (Reiki) healing.