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A Compare and Contrast Allopathic Doctor Visit with a Naturopathy Doctor Visit Diversity Interview-Case Study

Lisa Marie Portugal*

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

This case study documents a health and wellness diversity interview with a mid-40’s, African American woman with an MBA living in Southwest, USA. The interviewee explained how she was treated when she went to her allopathic doctor about her symptoms. Through that negative experience, she began researching and found a naturopathy clinic and doctor she now uses for all her health and wellness issues. She was very disappointed and angry about how she was treated by her allopathic doctor and that experience channeled her search for naturopathy services and providers. Her allopathic experience is an example of how discrimination, prejudice, aggression, and oppression influenced her health behaviors. In addition, her experiences are an example of: (1) a health success, (2) her researching abilities, (3) her desire for action and change in her life, (4) her proactive health and wellness choices, and (5) her motivating attitude and behavior toward change