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Analysis of Rasasindura Employing Namburi Phased Spot Test (NPST)

Patil Rohan, Veena BK*, Dindore Pallavi and Skandhan KP

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

Rasasindura is commonly used in Kupipakwa Rasayana, a herbo mineral preparation. This is prescribed for different diseased condition including Prameha (Diabetes mellitus), Kushtha (Leprosy), Pradara (Menorrhagea) and Jwara (Fever). Before introducing to the market a product has to undergo a systemic analysis as a primary step. In this study we selected Namburi Phased Spot Test (NPST) analysis as a qualitative step. Rasasindura underwent NPST analysis. The result observed here was brick red solid spot with dark brown periphery proving Rasasinduratallies with that of standard.