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Influence of Interpersonal Relationship on the Administrative and Teaching Performance among Faculty Administrators


Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

The study aimed to determine the interpersonal skills and administrative influence of school administrators of West Visayas State University–Janiuay Campus (WVSU-JC) and to determine the extent of teaching performance among college faculty. The survey-correlational method of research was employed in this investigation. The respondents were the 20 purposely selected school directors and coordinators of West Visayas State University-Janiuay Campus. The findings revealed that the Interpersonal Skills of School Administrators of WVSU-JC are very clearly evident in their support to the faculty. The school administrator ability to allow teachers high degree of initiative and creativity in their work make them to be more dedicated is very clearly evident in their influence; when it comes to teaching performance students getting help from the teacher heads; the interpersonal skills, administrative influence, and teaching performance are interrelated and interconnected. The enhancement of one will also enhance the other two.